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Sailing on the Nile is the most essential of Egyptian experiences; in fact, you would rate it higher than the pyramids. You have two options – 1. More obviously a luxury cruise 2. More adventurous Felecca. The river merrily passes by some of the most important and well-preserved temples in Egypt from Aswan to Luxor. You dock during the day to visit the sites, and sail at night. There are beautiful temples, but the pace of visiting the sites is rather fast, so be prepared for much history and not enough time.
1. The Temple of Horus at Edfu (Rs. 400) is very well preserved, and was considered the second – great temple after Karnak.
2. The temple of Khnum at Esna was dedicated to the ram-headed god, built in the Ptolemaic era over the ruins of an era over the ruins of an earlier temple site.
3. An interesting aspect about the dual Temple of Kom Omho is that it’s built for two gods: good and evil: Horus the Elder and Sobek (the crocodile god) (rs. 250). The colors on the columns at this temple came from the precious stones of that era. There is also a festival list and illustrations of tools used possible by the Egyptians of that time.
4. The favourite was the temple of Isis at Philae with water around it and a sense of calm that she and Osiris probably never knew, what with all the killing and resurrections (rs. 400)
5. When you dock at Luxor, visit the Luxor temple, built by the New Kingdom Pharaoh Amenhotep III, on the banks of the Nile. This is gorgeious when lit up at night, especially the long avenue of Sphinxes.
6. Visit the Mummification museum. And look at the tools that Anubis used to preserve souls.

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